Being proud of yourself

Over the last year, I have found it increasingly difficult to accept compliments. I've never been good at it, but I've been getting them more frequently and instead of just saying "Thank you", it is so much easier to say something like "Oh, I still have a ways to go", which then invariably causes the other person to say something such as "Oh, no you definitely don't" when it's clear I definitely do and it just becomes awkward. Why can't we just accept the compliment? Why do we have to make excuses or belittle our achievements? I've lost 75lbs so far. It's true that I do still have "a ways to go", but why can't I also acknowledge that fact on its own and embrace the fact that it was pretty darn hard and I should be PROUD of it. There is a huge difference between being humbly proud of your successes and bragging about them. I think this is something most of us deal with, but it is especially difficult if you're getting these compliments after a big change. When you're being told "You look so good!!" now and it's something you aren't used to hearing, it can almost be uncomfortable. It's hard when you receive kind words in front of someone else and you almost feel embarrassed. You are not used to that sort of attention and it feels strange (even though whoever you're speaking to means it in the best way). There should be no embarrassment. Whether you've lost 5 lbs or 100 lbs, you deserve those compliments and you earned them! For someone who has never dealt with a weight problem, it can seem easy. It's not. It's incredibly hard to adjust your entire lifestyle. You are making positive changes and if someone acknowledges them, it's a GOOD thing. The other problem is that often times people think if you talk about or share your successes then you're bragging. That you think you're better than everyone else. That's not the case. Truthfully, sometimes those people are jealous. It's about them, not about you and when they make you feel bad about your accomplishments, well..that's terrible. Personally, I started CocoLoses to both hold myself accountable but also to show people that THIS CAN BE DONE. I was inspired by something I read, which is what got me to join WW. I wanted to help people in that same way. I don't do it for compliments or for attention. I do it for the email that I get from a woman telling me she's down 10lbs because she read about my experience. I do it for the girl who sends me a Facebook message saying she tried a recipe I made and her whole family loved it. There are times I get compliments about the page, or someone asks in front of a group how many followers I have (believe me, I know I'm no social media sensation), and I actually end up feeling BAD because I don't want people to think I'm bragging. I don't want people to think that I think I'm more important than I am. I am incredibly proud of what I'm doing, but sometimes it sucks when you feel like you shouldn't be. And it's not just weight related, it can be hard to accept compliments about ANYTHING for some people. Your work, your family, your home, your grades..if you put hard work and love into those things and someone sees that and points it out, next time please take a second and just appreciate what they're saying and accept the compliment with a simple "Thanks, I really appreciate that!" Believe that the person giving you the compliment is genuine. We have to learn to be proud of ourselves before we can expect anyone else to be proud of us.

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