Breakfast Wraps

So much of what I eat for breakfast is different variations of this recipe. Ever since I started eating hard boiled eggs about a year ago, I've become obsessed! I like this recipe because you can make it for 1 meal or you can meal prep a week at a time, which is what I did. I would suggest making the filling ahead of time, but do not wrap everything together until you're ready to eat because it will make the bread soggy! Remember, the WW points for this recipe are calculated based on these brands of ingredients so if you for instance use a different brand of bacon, you need to plug it into the recipe builder on the WW app to make sure your point total is correct!

Servings: 5 WW points per serving: 3


10 hard boiled eggs (I did mine in my InstantPot)

Hot sauce of your choice

1 and 1/4 cups fat free cheddar cheese

5 Flatout wraps (I find mine at Walmart)

5 slices of Kirkland brand bacon (Costco)

Everything but the Bagel seasoning to taste (from Trader Joe's)


1) Hard boil your eggs according to your preferred method. I put mine in the IP for 5 minutes on high and then let cool in an ice bath for another 5-10 minutes. Put eggs in fridge until chilled.

2) Chop eggs finely. I used my handy little egg slicer! Similar ones available on Amazon!

3) Cook bacon according to package and crumble into a container with the chopped eggs.

4) Top mixture with seasoning.

5) When ready to eat, add egg/bacon mixture to wrap. Top with 1/4 cheese and however much hot sauce you desire.

6) Fold sides in and roll into a burrito/wrap. You can cut in half or eat it whole!

Enjoy! As always, be sure to reach out to me on Facebook and Instagram to let me know what you think!



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