Cold Brussels Sprouts Salad

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

One of my favorite restaurants in the area has the most amazing Brussels sprout salad and I wanted to try my best to recreate it. I think these sprouts get such a bad rap and I always tell people if you don't like them you just haven't eaten them the right way! You can saute on the stove, AirFry them, bake in the oven, add them to your eggs, etc. So many great options! Anyway, while my salad doesn't taste EXACTLY like my restaurant fave, it came pretty close. The one thing I might do differently next time is cook the sprouts slightly and then chill them before making the salad. I don't mind a lot of crunch, but if you don't like Brussels sprouts raw I would suggest lightly blanching them first or sauteing them until soft and then you can go from there! In terms of this salad, you guys know I like to do things the easy way most of the time. I used frozen fruit (purely because it's cheaper and I waste less), pre-cooked bacon, pre-cut almonds and sprouts, etc. You can go big and of course do everything yourself, but in today's day and age when we are all so busy, I think it's most important to have a healthy meal regardless of how you got it!

Servings: 4 cups

WW points per serving: 4


6 slices bacon, cooked (check your brand for points)

2 cups blueberries, fresh or frozen

2 bags of shredded Brussels Sprouts (you can always do this yourself, but I don't like to)

2 tbsp grated Parmesan cheese (not pictured)

1/2 cup sliced almonds

Garlic powder (not pictured), black pepper and salt to taste

Dressing of your choice (I used SkinnyGirl poppyseed dressing which is sugar and fat free)

This is the dressing I used!


1)Wash sprouts and pat dry

2) Cook bacon according to your desired method. I get the precooked bacon at Costco and I put it in the microwave on a paper towel (to collect grease) on top of a plate and microwaved at 30 second intervals until I got my desired crispiness.

3) If using frozen blueberries, thaw according to package. Once thawed, drain.

4) Add sprouts and almonds to large mixing bowl

5) Cut bacon into small pieces. Add to bowl.

6) Add seasonings to your liking.

7) Add cheese, toss to coat.

8) Top with blueberries.

9) Can be refrigerated in a sealed container for 3-4 days. Do not add dressing until you are ready to eat or your salad will be soggy and no one wants a soggy salad!

Voila! You're all done! If you have questions or make this recipe, please be sure to reach out to me on Facebook and Instagram and let me know!



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