Easy Egg Salad

This egg salad is the best! I'm not just saying that, I promise! It's just so easy to make, the ingredients are not expensive and you probably already have a lot of them on hand! You can bulk it up with different veggies (my friend Melissa added jalapenos to hers and said it was really good) and you can eat it for either lunch or dinner so yeah, I think it's awesome! I have only been eating hard boiled eggs for about a year, ever since eggs became 0sp on Freestyle and I've only been eating egg salad for about 3 months. It took some experimenting to find one I really liked and for me, I think it turned out that simple was better.

Now, I probably would make extra because you're going to wish you had leftovers so plan for that.

Servings: 5 cups

SP value: 1 SP per 1 cup


15 eggs, hard boiled (I used my Instant Pot)

1 bunch of green onion

2 tbsp light mayo (brand may affect SP value, I used Great Value from Walmart)

1/2 cup plain, fat free yogurt

Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel seasoning to taste

Directions Hard boil eggs whichever method you prefer Let eggs cool

Chop eggs finely

Add mayo and yogurt, mix well

Add seasoning, taste

Top with green onion

Mix well

Let sit in the fridge for at least 1 hour so flavors mix

Serve alone, with crackers, as a sandwich or melt, etc! The possibilities are endless! Let me know your favorite way to eat it by reaching out on Facebook or Instagram!

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