Freestyle is here!

Alrighty guys!! So excited that today is the official launch of Weight Watchers Freestyle!! As an employee, I've been living this program since the end of September and I am loving it! I will be honest, I was nervous when I found out there would be changes to the WW program. However, once I heard what they were I was SO happy. This is truly a way for WW to encourage members to eat healthier, more whole foods and less processed items and fast food. They spent a long time with doctors, scientists and test groups tweaking Freestyle to make sure it's the best program it can be! And I truly believe that it is. Also, I am glad because now I can stop changing the SP values when I post it on my social media for you guys LOL! It was a hard secret to keep! I am most excited about rollover points, plus the expanded list of 0SP food items!

I know you have questions, concerns and excitement so I am trying to keep this as organized as possible. All questions will be addressed in my VIP Facebook group so if you have questions please post them there!

As with anything new, there will be growing pains. Technology doesn't always work properly. I get it. The next few days/weeks may be tough for some of you, even purely because most people don't like change. Please be patient. Believe me when I say that in the end, I think most of you will LOVE and THRIVE on Freestyle and it will be worth it. If you can make it to a meeting this week, I HIGHLY recommend it! Even if you are online only, you can go to a meeting to get the materials and hear about the new program.

Here's the brand spanking new list of 0sp foods (remember, they are 0, they are NOT "free") so check it out and tell me what you're most excited about! I'm happiest about beans, corn, ground turkey breast and chicken breast!

Please keep checking my Facebook and Instagram accounts for my thoughts and experience with Freestyle and I will be sure to help as much as I can! Yay!! We got this!

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