How I meal prep

Last September, I decided to start meal prepping. I had always made fun of it because of a few reasons:

🔹I don't normally like leftovers

🔹I didn't want to eat the same thing 5 days in a row

🔹I thought if you "meal prepped" you had to eat grilled chicken and veggies every day.

3 months into my WW journey, I decided it would actually be helpful and decided to try it. I'm someone who thrives on routine and a schedule so it made a ton of sense for me to start incorporating meal prep into my life. It was hard at first because Sundays were lazy days before. However, the organization meal prep has brought to my life and my diet has been awesome. It is a time saver, it keeps me on track and I actually save $$. I feel good going into the week and I start it on the right track.

Do I need to set aside 2 hours every Sunday? Yes. Can it be frustrating? Yes. Is it a lot of cooking and cleaning at one time? Yes. Does Scott complain there's no room in the fridge? Yes! 😂 But it's 100% worth it.

Here's how I do it:

🔹Decide what I want for 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches and a few dinners. I like to keep more flexibility for dinner. I try to think about what each meal will be in terms of SP so I know what I have leftover for dinner. I also try to plan meals that can use similar ingredients so I don't have to buy a lot at once.

🔹Make my grocery lists based on what meals I'm making.

🔹I try to shop on Fridays after work and head to different stores depending on what I need.

🔹Sunday morning I generally start with my breakfasts and then do my lunches. Sunday nights I try not to cook because I'm just sick of it by then! In addition to my meals, I generally prep some fruit including washing and cutting it because it makes it easier to just grab later on.

🔹Clean up, store food in the fridge and then we are all set!

Sometimes it can be hard to fit in the meal prep. Very quickly I realized I had to make sure to set that time aside for ME and for my sanity. Sometimes I need to turn down plans or pre-prep Saturday night or I am up late Sunday finishing depending what's going on. However, I always make sure it gets done because it makes my life SO much easier! It keeps me from making a rash decision on stopping at the drive thru or ordering a pizza. Head to my Facebook page for more information, including photos, on my meal prep process!

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