Mexican Caulirice

I was looking for a tasty side for my air-fried chicken taquitos last week and I knew I wanted to make something I could prep a big batch of on Sunday, but wanted to make sure it would stay good the whole week. I thought for a bit and came up with this 0sp tasty side! I stored these in Tupperware in the fridge for the week and it still tasted great on the last day!

Servings: 5 servings of 1/3 cup each

Smartpoints: 0


Spray oil

Trader Joe's Chili Lime seasoning

1 can corn

1 can black beans

1/4 cup Trader Joe's enchilada sauce

1/4 cup chicken stock

1 bag cauliflower rice


1) Heat sauce pan on stove with a few sprays of oil

2) Add chicken stock

3) Add cauliflower and cook on high until you see liquid being absorbed

4) Drain corn and beans and add both cans

5) Sprinkle seasoning on mixture

6) Add enchilada sauce and mix

*Total cooking time will vary on temperature and liquid. I just cooked it until there was hardly any chicken stock left.

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