Mississippi Chicken

This recipe is VERY similar to the beef I have posted, like almost exactly! Except that you use chicken instead! Many people have variations of this recipe, but they almost always include butter of some sort and I am here to tell you that you don't need it! It was delicious just how I did it, even though I didn't add ANY butter.

I am counting this as 0sp per serving (about 3/4 a cup of chicken) because the chicken breast is 0, the peppers are 0 and I don't generally count seasonings. I made the chicken, toasted 1/2 a roll, added some of Trader Joe's light mozzarella, some hot peppers and man, it was delicious! I've been getting a ton of requests on Instagram for the recipe so here ya go!

A few weeks ago, someone messaged me saying she loves my "recipes". That made me really happy, because I really don't post many and I'm sort of fly by the seat of your pants kinda gal in the kitchen. It's why I don't often have a ton of photos accompanying each step when I do post recipes..I honestly am not a food blogger and don't think to do that while I'm cooking usually! However, I think a lot of people can relate to that! I try to keep it simple and basic and it was validating to see people relate to that!


3lb bag frozen chicken breasts

1 packet Ranch seasoning mix

1 packet low sodium gravy mix

1 jar Pepperocini (I only used a few peppers, but use any many as you want)


Turn crock-pot on low (I use a liner, but you don't have to. Just makes for a much easier clean up!) Add chicken breasts

Add packets of ranch and gravy


Top with peppers

Cook on low for 10 hours

Chicken will easily shred with a fork at this point

Eat plain with a side or make a sandwich, wrap or salad out of it! So many great ways to use this chicken and a perfect addition to your weekly meal prep!

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