Officially a WW employee!

Yesterday was my first day of official employment with Weight Watchers. I was hired last month to be a receptionist and I am incredibly excited for the opportunity! I was worried that since I am online only, it would negatively impact my chances of being hired but the territory manager said she actually liked that because it shows that online only can work too.

I went to the local location of WW and filled out paperwork, met with my mentor and then observed a meeting. It was especially important for me to sit since I have never personally been to a meeting myself. It was such a cool experience hearing what everyone had to say, sharing ideas and learning from their experiences. We talked about what the word "cherish" means and what we each cherish in our lives. I like to think that I am someone who is very appreciative of everything, but sometimes it is hard to lose sight of that. This past year, I think it has come back into focus for me because I cherish the fact that I was able to turn my life around. I cherish the fact that I can do activities I couldn't do before. I cherish the fact that for some reason, people want to follow my story and share my experiences. Obviously, I also cherish my husband, our dog, my family, friends and my job. By all accounts, I am a very lucky person, I can't argue otherwise. I think it's just important to remember that no matter what good things we have in our lives, big or small, it is SO important to be thankful for them and cherish them. Take a minute today to think about something or someone that you cherish and feel free to share it with me in the comments here or on social media!

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