So much meal prep!

I did SO MUCH meal prep today, I am exhausted! The good thing is I won't have to cook at all this week now so there's that! My tip of the day is when you need shredded chicken, I like to put frozen breasts in the crockpot with seasoning and chicken broth and cook on low for 10 hours. It saved me a bunch of time today and shreds SO easy! I used it in 3 different recipes today.

Fun fact: all of these recipes went down in SP value since Freestyle made items such as corn and chicken breast 0SP so I am ALREADY saving points! Here's a run down of what I made:

Breakfasts for the week: Kodiak Cakes with blueberries, chia seeds and sugar free syrup (5sp)

Lunches for this week: Chicken Pot Pie Soup and oyster crackers (4sp)*Recipe can be found by Googling "DDOP Chicken Pot Pie Soup"

-Street tacos and rice will be my dinner for at least 2 nights, plus I gave some to my parents. Street tacos from The Daily Dose of Pepper have been my saving grace on Monday nights when I get home from my Weight Watchers meetings!

-I made chicken noodle casserole for dinner tonight and I will have enough for leftovers, plus I gave a LOT to my parents. I also tried my hand at spicy sprouts, which were AMAZING! Recipe to come soon!The casserole recipe can be found by Googling "DDOP Chicken Noodle Casserole".

-I made baked chicken tenders and noodles for Scott (the instructional video for my chicken tenders can be found on my Facebook page).

I made enough food for leftovers, plus I have dinner with some coworkers one night and we are having a date night Friday so I should be all set! I hope everyone is settling in with Freestyle and remember, you can always reach me on Facebook and Instagram!

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