Summer Corn Salad

We had family over for a pool day last weekend and everyone brought a dish. My aunt made sure to tell me she would bring something healthy, which I really appreciated! Especially since we were ordering pizza (because sometimes convenience is important when entertaining) so it would balance it out. I am always touched when someone goes out of their way to bring a lighter dish or when someone makes sure to tell me what's being served somewhere ahead of time. When you're on a weight loss journey these little things truly are SO helpful!

She brought this delicious salad, but you could use it as a dip, as a filling to a wrap, as a topping on meat..the possibilities are endless! I asked her if I could share the recipe and she said of course! (She's a great lady!) The best part about this recipe is that it doesn't require any mayo, yogurt or sour cream so it's healthy, but also does not require refrigeration! I only have 1 photo, because I didn't make this myself, but it looks so good that I think 1 photo is all you need!

Servings: about 6 1 cup servings

For bigger crowds just double or triple the ingredients

SmartPoints value: 2SP per serving (because of the oil)


5 - ears corn, boiled or grilled (or you can use frozen)

1 - tomato, seeded and diced

1 - red onion, chopped

1 cucumber, chopped

1 of each: green, red, yellow bell peppers, chopped

1 - lime, juiced

1 splash red wine vinegar

1 splash lemon juice

3 - tablespoons of olive oil

Fresh cilantro, chopped -- optional.

Salt and pepper.


All you do is mix all the ingredients and enjoy!

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