Turkey Taco Salad

This is one of my favorite recipes to make and it's very customizable, which is perfect! It is very filling and can be adjusted in so many ways, I just love it. I make these on a Sunday and they are always still fresh by Friday so just make sure they're sealed tightly and you're good to go. When using a whole mini container of guacamole, the entire salad comes to 3sp. It would be 0sp without the guac, but who wants to live in a world without guac?! You can also grab some tortillas and use the same ingredients for dinner later during the week as well which is awesome.

Ingredients *Keep in mind you can use almost anything, just adjust for points. These are what I used this time around!

*Lean ground turkey breast

*Black olives (these do have points, but I have personally never counted olives)

*Shredded lettuce


*Fat free cheddar cheese

*Reduced sodium taco seasoning

*Yellow onion

*Green onion


*Hot sauce (my current favorite is Trader Joe's spicy taco sauce)

*Guacamole (I add this day of)


1) Brown turkey in pan and then add seasoning. I don't drain any fat because the amount is SO small.

2) Chop up veggies into meal prep containers. You can add the hot sauce or you can wait until you eat it.

3) Add turkey to salad

4) Seal in tight container and refrigerate

5) Add guacamole right when eating

Enjoy! Let me know your favorite taco salad toppings on Facebook and Instagram!

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