Wedding Wisdom

October 24th (either today or tomorrow, depending when you read this) is our 2nd wedding anniversary! ❤️💍👰

I can honestly say I’m not someone who has many regrets, but my biggest one is that I didn’t do this whole weight loss thing before my wedding. I’ll be honest. Wedding dress shopping sucks if you’re plus size. Most stores didn't have samples in my size or they looked terrible. It's hard to spend that much money on something so important and not know how you will actually look in it because you couldn't try it on in the store. I didn’t have a lot to choose from and while I did like my dress, it wasn’t very flattering. It was not the “dream” dress experience most girls want to have. I had to add sleeves to hide my arms. We added a belt to break up the dress, etc. I am sure many people reading (both brides and grooms) can relate to that feeling. Don't get me wrong, it's a GORGEOUS dress. The intricate patterns and detail are incredible. It's just not the dress I would pick for myself now.

I don’t love our pictures. Our wedding was amazing, there’s no doubt about that but I don’t enjoy looking at the photos because I don’t like the way I look & I don’t even feel like that person anymore. I probably say once a day "I hate those pictures!" Scott is great (I joked that he should take comfort in the fact I’m sure he’s not the only husband forced to take numerous photos of his wife) and he always tells me not to be so hard on myself but I think this will always bother me. Almost every single picture (professional or candid) has me holding something in front of me to hide. I never realized it until I went to look for a comparison photo. Bouquet? Check. Drink at the reception? Check. Turning so a friend covers part of me. Yup, I did it. There are really almost no pictures JUST of me on my wedding day where I am not trying to cover up somehow. It's something that I can't change so I logically know there's no point in dwelling on it, but it's hard.

In honor of our anniversary and 76lbs lost, I wanted to see what my dress would look like on me now so I took it out of the preservation box (much to my mother’s dismay) and tried it on this weekend. I really felt so different in it & it was awesome to see how far I’ve come. It is extra heavy now and I had to hold it behind me to "tighten" it to see what it would look like. I had Scott take a few photos and then put it back into the box, which by the way is no joke. That thing had ties, 3 different boxes and a weirdly shaped hanger. I doubt I will take it out again anytime soon, and hopefully I never fit into it again but I wanted to make sure it was safe in there!

The moral of the story is start today. Do it now. Don’t put it off or look back wishing you hadn’t waited. There will always be a special event or a once in a lifetime thing happening and you not only want to look good, but more importantly you want to FEEL good. Do it today.

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