When You Have a Bad Day

I THINK my bad day this week can be attributed to the fact that I am back in school now and adjusting to new eating patterns again. It was one of those days where I just could NOT STOP SNACKING! Generally school being in session works in my favor because I move more, I have scheduled times to eat and I don't really snack. We've been back 1.5 weeks now and I am STILL having trouble adjusting. I am eating both breakfast and lunch earlier than I have been so by the time I get off, I'm starving. I started taking WW approved snacks to work and it seems to be helping, but yesterday nothing could save me! Let's recap: I ate my meal prepped breakfast and lunch, no issues. I went home from work & ate cereal. Then I took a nap so that wasn't helpful. I went out to watch the school baseball team play and then met a friend for dinner. Ate too much at dinner, went home and felt like for some reason I needed dessert so I had an ice cream bar (not a WW one). At that point I was feeling full and mad at myself so why not add some Reduced Fat Wheat Thins to the mix? Handfuls of them, at that. My only saving grace is that the cereal was Cheerios and skim milk and the crackers were low fat LOL. It was definitely different than the JUNK I would have eaten before if I was feeling like that, but still..I shouldn't have done it, didn't have a reason and felt gross. When this happens, I generally just try to go to sleep because when I'm upstairs I am away from the kitchen and once I'm in bed I will usually fall asleep quickly. What's the point of this post? If you're asking that then you've never had a day like that. When you're on a lifestyle change, health journey, etc, every single day is a struggle. It sucks to think you're in control only to realize that you're really not. It's embarrassing. It makes you feel bad. I think a lot of people act like this journey is smooth sailing and lying to yourself and to people who are looking to you for inspiration isn't helping anyone. However, if you have one bad meal or bad day, don't wait till the next week to start over. Start over right then. Most days can be salvaged. You're worth it!

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